Joel Freeman Divorce Drama: The Real Reasons (Inside Story) (2024)

People want to know Joel Freeman’s divorce details, and I’m discussing everything he has shared with his fans in this article. He separated from Breanne in 2020, and since then, his life has changed.

But did he cheat? What reasons did Joel tell about his divorce and is he in a relationship now? For details, stick to the end.

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Joel Freeman Divorce: The Fallout of His Relationship

In 2020, Joel and Breanne decided to divorce. After announcing it, they asked for kindness and respect from everyone as they went through this difficult time. The reason they got separated is that they realized they would be happier living apart.

Start of the Relationship

Joel and Breanne’s story began with a chance meeting. Right away, they clicked because they shared lots of laughs and had a strong connection.In 2016, Joel romantically proposed to Breanne, and she said yes.

Their wedding was beautiful, full of love, family, and friends. They made promises to always be there for each other. After some time, they started facing tough times. Some fans said that they started to disagree and argue more.

The Divorce Announcement: When and How

In 2020, Joel and Breanne Freeman decided to share the news of their divorce.They chose a kind and respectful way to tell everyone. Instead of making a big public statement, they shared the news on social media. This way, they could speak directly to their friends, family, and fans. They asked for privacy and kindness from everyone during this tough time.

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Why Did Joel and Breanne Freeman Divorce in 2020?

Joel and Breanne decided to divorce because they faced challenges they couldn’t overcome together. Like many couples, they had their ups and downs. But over time, their differences became harder, and they realized they would be happier living apart.

Some people started wondering, “Did Joel Freeman cheat on Breanne Freeman?”Well, there were rumors online about Joel cheating, which is common when famous couples split up. But Joel and Breanne did not say cheating was a reason for their divorce.

I suggest focusing on what they share openly and respecting their privacy. They have both asked not to believe rumors and to remember the good times they shared.

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Joel Freeman’s Life After Divorce: What’s He Doing Now?

After the divorce, Joel Freeman put even more energy into helping others get fit and healthy. He shared workout tips and motivational messages online. Joel is also now in a new relationship with Megan Ewoldsen (who is also a fitness freak).

New Beginnings in Personal Life: Joel Freeman and Megan Ewoldsen

After his divorce, Joel Freeman found love again with Megan Ewoldsen. Megan, like Joel, is deeply involved in the fitness industry. Their shared passion for health and fitness brought them closer. They often share glimpses of their joint workouts and fitness projects on social media, inspiring many with their dedication.

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Continuing His Career

Professionally, Joel kept growing his career in fitness. He released new fitness programs and worked on projects that he’s passionate about. Joel wants to make a difference in people’s lives through fitness.

Joel and Megan are looking forward to what’s ahead with big smiles. They’ve got big dreams of growing their fitness world and making a positive difference in people’s lives. According to fans, their journey together shows us all how sharing what you love can build beautiful bonds.

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Who is Joel Freeman? Personal Life, Age, Kids, and More

NameJoel Freeman
Birth DateSeptember 26, 1982
Age (as of 2024)41 years old
ProfessionFitness Instructor and Social Media Influencer
Known ForCreating LIFT 4 and CORE DE FORCE fitness programs
Marital StatusDivorced from Breanne Freeman, Currently dating Megan Ewoldsen
Net WorthEstimated between $150,000 and $250,000
Social Media PresenceActive, with a large following
Fitness Career SpanOver 15 years
Approach to FitnessFocuses on high-intensity workouts, nutrition, mindset, and overall wellness

Joel Freeman, born on September 26, 1982, is a big name in the fitness industry. At 41 years old, he’s famous for creating workouts that thousands love, like LIIFT4 and CORE DE FORCE. His work helps people get stronger and healthier all over the country.

Joel was once married to Breanne Freeman. They both love fitness and going on adventures. But they decided to go separate ways. Now, Joel is with Megan Ewoldsen, and they’re very happy together.

Joel has got a big personality. He’s proud of where he comes from and loves his country. People think he has made quite a bit of money from being a fitness teacher and being on the internet, somewhere between $150,000 and $250,000.

He doesn’t talk much about his family or where he grew up. But he’s always on social media, giving out tips on how to stay fit and be positive.

Joel has been teaching fitness for over 15 years. He doesn’t just tell people to work out. He talks about eating right and staying happy too. He’s helped make many gyms across the country better places to get fit.

Joel’s life shows us that being strong isn’t just about muscles. It’s about keeping on going, even when things get tough.


Joel Freeman got divorced in 2020. His story shows us that even when hard times hit, we can get through them. Remember these points:

  • Finding Strength: Joel didn’t let his divorce stop him. He stayed strong and kept doing what he loved – helping others get fit.
  • New Love: Joel’s heart wasn’t closed off. He found love again with Megan Ewoldsen, showing us it’s possible to find happiness after heartache.
  • Spreading Positivity: Joel uses his story to encourage others. He shows us that it’s okay to go through tough times as long as we keep looking forward.

That’s all.

Joel Freeman Divorce Drama: The Real Reasons (Inside Story) (2024)
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