Megan Ewoldson: Motherhood & the Power of Unconditional Love (2024)

Meet Megan Ewoldson, an influencer, lifestyle creator of ME Threads and mother of three. She has experienced the struggles of being a single parent, former military spouse, and widowed mother. Through her journey as a mother, she has learned how to let go of perfectionism to embrace unconditional love. In this article, we will explore how beauty, skincare, hair care, fitness and fashion have helped Megan cope with difficult times as well as offer tips on accepting herself for who you are despite the challenges life throws at her. Finally, learn from Megan about the power of unconditional love that can be found when you let go of unrealistic standards set by society.

Megan Ewoldson on How to let go of Perfectionism

Megan Ewoldson realized that to embrace unconditional love, she had to let go of her perfectionism. She began recognizing that she was expecting too much of herself as a mother, and often comparing herself to other mothers who seemed to have it all figured out. Through therapy and self-reflection, Megan learned how to recognize the obstacles in her life, such as the struggles of being a single parent, former military spouse, and widowed mother, while also understanding that any hardships she faced were not reflections of her self-worth.

Megan also tried different beauty, skincare, hair care, fitness and fashion methods that helped her cope with her difficult times. By experimenting with different makeup looks discovering clean skincare routines and learning about post-covid hair loss treatments like supplements or treatments from experienced professionals, Megan was able to reduce the pressure she felt from societal standards. In addition to these tactics for physical self-care, Megan found solace in home decor and improvement projects which allowed her to express creativity without the need for perfectionism.

Through embracing imperfection in daily life choices such as fashion or home decor style choices and prioritizing acceptance instead of perfectionism when it comes to parenting, Megan found strength within herself and power within the unconditional love she felt towards her children. Additionally, by creating ME Threads — fitness and athleisure wear — Megan can continue inspiring others through examples of how they can let go of their expectations set by society so they can focus on what matters most: loving themselves unconditionally.

Keeping up with Megan Ewoldson

Megan Ewoldson’s foray into fitness began in her early twenties when she was living a hectic life as a single mother and working full-time. To cope with the stress of juggling work and parenting, she started hitting the gym regularly. As she grew increasingly passionate about fitness, Megan began to experiment with different workout routines, from Beachbody to Bodi and eventually created her home fitness plan that blended strength training and cardio.

After embarking on her journey of self-discovery through fitness, Megan decided to use her newfound passion to create ME Threads — comfortable and stylish athleisure wear for everyday wear. She took inspiration from classic streetwear and incorporated her love of bold colours and textures into the designs. The pieces are designed to fit all body types in sizes XS-XXL, making them perfect for everyone who wants to look good while feeling comfortable during their workouts or other activities.

In addition to creating fashionable athleisure wear for herself, Megan also wanted to give back by inspiring others through her fitness journey. She created an Instagram page dedicated to motivating people who want to start or continue their fitness journeys as well as her website that contains so much treasure that encompasses lifestyle as a whole. She shares tips on how she found success while balancing motherhood, work commitments, and her own health needs. Through ME Threads and her social media page, Megan aims to motivate those around her so they can realize the power of self-love which comes from embracing imperfection rather than perfectionism.

In addition to creating ME Threads, Megan Ewoldson has also engaged in several other projects and activities that have helped her stay grounded through difficult times.

One of these projects is video editing, which she began as a hobby during the pandemic. Not only did it become a passion, but it also served as a great way for her to document the progress she was making in her fitness journey. It soon became an integral part of how she documented and shared her own story with others on social media. Through this medium, she shares tips on how to make the most out of home workouts and how to stay active without leaving your home.

Another way for Megan to keep busy and remain connected to her passions is through ballroom dancing. She first started taking classes with friends as a way to stay fit but eventually fell in love with the form and grace associated with this beautiful art form. She now takes classes regularly from experienced instructors who teach classic dances such as waltz, cha-cha and tango — not only helping her stay in shape but also improving her coordination and balance!

Finally, Megan has taken on the challenge of starting up a new business: Stay Grounded Coffee. This small business is focused on creating sustainable products that provide people with an opportunity to enjoy their morning cup of coffee while not feeling guilty about having an impact on our planet by drinking single-use plastic cups or pods full of harmful chemicals like BPA or phthalates. Their products are made from renewable materials such as bamboo or cork; they use biodegradable packaging; and they source organic beans from farmers all over the world — all while providing high-quality coffee at an affordable price point! With Stay Grounded Coffee, Megan hopes to inspire others by demonstrating that one can achieve their dreams while caring for the environment at the same time!

Letting go of unrealistic standards set by society

It can often be difficult to accept ourselves for who we are, especially when society sets unrealistic standards for us. One way to start accepting yourself and letting go of these standards is by focusing on your strengths, rather than dwelling on your weaknesses. It’s important to recognize that everyone is different and that our differences should be celebrated as opposed to judged. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or down about yourself, take a step back and think about the things you do have control over like taking care of your body and mind. Exercise can help boost serotonin levels in the brain which can help with feelings of self-esteem, while also providing physical benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and increased muscle strength. Additionally, it’s important to practice self-care activities such as getting enough sleep or doing something that relaxes you like reading or listening to music.

It is also essential to improve how we communicate with ourselves. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, try replacing them with empowering ones that make you feel better about who you are and what you have accomplished so far in life. Remind yourself that it’s ok to make mistakes; no one is perfect! Learning from our experiences will allow us to grow into better versions of ourselves while also helping us realize our true potential. Finally, surrounding yourself with positive people who support and accept you for who you are will help create an environment where it’s easier for you to feel comfortable in your skin.

We must all remember that comparison is not healthy; instead, focus on bettering yourself every day and accepting your authentic self no matter what anyone else says or thinks about it. By embracing who we are and understanding our worth comes from within, we can become strong mental warriors!

Megan Ewoldson is an inspiring example of how to make the most out of life. From her fitness journey, ballroom dancing classes, and coffee business Stay Grounded Coffee, Megan has demonstrated that it’s possible to stay active while also taking care of yourself and your passions. Not only does she promote self-care activities such as exercise and relaxation techniques but she also encourages others to embrace their authentic selves by letting go of unrealistic standards set by society. By recognizing our differences should be celebrated rather than judged, we can become strong mental warriors who feel comfortable in our skin! With this powerful message from Megan Ewoldson, influencer extraordinaire, let’s all strive for a better version of ourselves every day.

Megan Ewoldson: Motherhood & the Power of Unconditional Love (2024)
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